Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From Cincinnati, to the Jersey Shore and back again

This(see below) is why I sincerely question every time I pack this kid up to go somewhere overnight. This is his one night packing list.

Second, the hotel we stayed at (this one was a new one) got Micah's seal of approval with the gigantic mirror perfectly at his level. :)
In the morning, we headed off to the hospital, and waited patiently (see picture below) and not so patiently (all the rest of the time) through his appointments. One the way home, Micah was showing off his "situation" while at Culvers. :) (I watched Jersey Shore for about 5 minutes so I could justify my disgust toward it... Justified it was!)
So, the long and the short of it was that it's time for surgery, there's nothing else left they can do. No one is shocked by this. We had a consult with the "surgeon in chief" Dr. Azizkhan. The big kahuna, if you will. That was the big surprise of the day.... He had some good insight on nerve issues related to lymphatic malformations, and he was just an all around nice guy.
I say so alot, but, so... surgery is Thursday, March 3rd, which is 5 weeks and 1 day away. Micah will go on "house arrest" in about two weeks, so I'm trying to get out and about so I don't go crazy then!
Unfortunately, we brought home a stomach virus from Cincinnati that wiped Micah out for a few days, and apparently his stomach isn't rebounding, as of yet. His tolerance for the amount he can have at a time has gone down a lot. :( And we were just bragging on him. Hopefully this is a short term thing...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Surgery, March 3rd in the AM. More later.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The haircut and more...

On Tuesday, or Monday/Tuesday depending on the weather we'll be headed down to Cincy. Please pray the weather holds out, I don't really need that extra stress right now. When we're down there we'll find out if they want to do another sclerotherapy attempt before the big surgery. I don't we'll get the date of the big one, but they'll probably get the ball rolling and we'll find out shortly after.
We found these cute animal decals that just stick on and peel off the wall. It was a nice, fun touch for his jungle themed room. Micah got his hair cut last week... boy was that a hoot. :) Poor Luke had a moving target, but you could tell you he's had some practice. According to some his hair isn't short enough but it's as much as I could stand to see go!