Monday, January 28, 2013

The Super-Awesome Micah Post

Micah has had some great gains the last few months... I hate to say it, and jinx it! 

His feeding therapy has been steadily progressing. He can eat more at a time (2-3 ounces, occasionally 4)... But almost more importantly, he's able to eat a wider variety of things. It used to be any texture would totally turn him off.  He's tolerating some textures now (not chunks, that's a different animal) which is great!  He even has had success once with mixed textures.... Milk and cereal!  He's been much more eager to drink as well.  Probably not more successful, but still, he's ASKING for drinks!  Woohoo!  We think the peer pressure from school is helping.

Micah is being more cooperative in speech therapy.  After about 4 months.... LOL!  He loves the 'receptive' part of therapy, where he picks the card the therapist asks for. He'd gladly do that for quite some time.  I don't worry too much about his receptive language, although he's tested poorly in the past.  He's had a few times of producing a nice variety of vowel sounds, more than the usual "AH".  They're not spot on by any means, but its progress.  He's doing a lot better with speaking when asked which is a huge struggle for him. 

If all goes according to plan, he's going to 'graduate' hospital based physical therapy soon!  He's made a lot of progress in a very short amount of time. Woohoo!

He has a grand total of 5-6 hours of therapy a week, that's more time than he spends at preschool!  We are glad that we are seeing progress.


Kyleigh Ann, 4 months

Kyleigh: 4 months! 13# 8 oz, 26" (that's 50th for weight, 95th for height, LOL!) 

Likes: Pacifiers, being entertained, trying to put her entire fist in her mouth, standing up. Dislikes: Tummy time, interruptions while eating, poly-vi-sol.

She is Miss Social, and loves when people talk to her, and she'll usually gladly have a chat with anyone around. 

Daddy and Kyleigh

Tummy Time
My household in a nutshell.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas pictures, part 1

The cutest video you've ever seen.  Or, I'm a bit biased... but whatever. :) 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A plan, thank you!

Alright, there's a tentative plan. Thank God for a doc who gets things done. The plan is to be in Cincinnati the end of March/ beginning of April... To see hematology, ENT and oral/maxillofacial surgery first (and.. .they're going to try to be all at the same place and same time, whoa!), then hit up the OR for some work in his airway, an attempt to fix his ear issues and a hearing screen (either in the OR or outpatient). Hopefully doing this all near those coveted spring break OR slots to not miss too much school. What's that... no plans for Cincy til March... OK! Of course the chances of this going so smoothly are almost nothing, but we'll figure out how to get it all done.