Tuesday, March 26, 2013

6 months

Unfortunately, my browser crashes when I try to upload a picture to this blog... and my other browser is crashing constantly... super.

Kyleigh is 6 months now!  She weighed 15#11 oz, and was 27".   Technically she didn't "grow" in length from 4 months, but we are assuming they didn't get an accurate measurement on her squiggly self last time.  She had gone from the 75% percentile at 2 months, to 95% at 4, and is now 50% at 6 months, so that at least somewhat supports our theory. 

Otherwise, she's starting to get on the move, getting where she wants to go by rolling.  She's starting baby foods and is generally unimpressed.  Otherwise she's happy, but she certainly knows what she likes and doesn't like.  Among her likes: watching brother hop across the room, sleeping in the car, her pacifier (some things never change), being talked to- and talking, and waking up at all hours of the night.  Some dislikes: getting an arm or a leg stuck out the crib railing, being ignored for any length of time.. so, she's a little spoiled. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Girl! 5 months

Obviously Kyleigh is older than 5 months old, this is a little catch up.  She will actually be 6 months in 4 days!

5 months saw Kyleigh learning to roll over.  She gets rolled over and then gets rather unhappy (rather quickly) about it!  She can roll back over, but I'm pretty sure she gets so mad she can't figure out how to get over.  She seems like such a big girl now.  I was comparing her height and weight at 4 months, and she was about the same size Micah was at 6 months! No wonder she seems big.  She's still pretty social when she wants to be.  She's at the age where she wants to do things, but isn't quite coordinated enough to pull it off all the time.  Micah is pretty interested in her now, just working on the gentle part...  If I had to guess, we'll be working on that for the next 15 years or so.  :) 
Kyleigh really doesn't have a nickname that's stuck... It's usually whatever comes out of our mouth depending on her mood.  A common one Travis uses is "Kryleigh"...

Kyleigh, 5 months