Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cruising along...

The kids are both doing really well.  Micah has adjusted to his hearing aid SO well, as well as his interpreter.  She was really a missing piece that we are so thankful to have.  He still LOVES football, and goes about using his magnetic letters on the fridge to tell us about it most everyday (and occasionally also Ghost Hunters and our local NPR station).  I think the kid is going to be a spelling whiz (like his mother!)

Kyleigh is doing great.  She's got the two year old thing down.   "Me! Me! Me!" is a frequent refrain in our house... as is,  "we don't anything by saying me! What do you say?".  Her new favorite is Mickey Mouse and will request "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally PLEASSSEEEE!"  It's too cute and a little hard to resist.

Here's a quick recap of our fall in pictures, which is what you all come for (I know!)