Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cruising along...

The kids are both doing really well.  Micah has adjusted to his hearing aid SO well, as well as his interpreter.  She was really a missing piece that we are so thankful to have.  He still LOVES football, and goes about using his magnetic letters on the fridge to tell us about it most everyday (and occasionally also Ghost Hunters and our local NPR station).  I think the kid is going to be a spelling whiz (like his mother!)

Kyleigh is doing great.  She's got the two year old thing down.   "Me! Me! Me!" is a frequent refrain in our house... as is,  "we don't anything by saying me! What do you say?".  Her new favorite is Mickey Mouse and will request "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally PLEASSSEEEE!"  It's too cute and a little hard to resist.

Here's a quick recap of our fall in pictures, which is what you all come for (I know!)  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oh, it's just been a little while.

I'm a lazy blogger, I admit it.  Time flies!  We have been pretty busy this summer... Visiting lots of zoos!  We've been to Columbus, Toledo, Fort Wayne and South Bend.  Kyleigh got his hearing aid in early June and has been doing really well with it.  He has started talking more since he got it.  He now tries to say 'grandma, grandpa, amber, mandy, home', etc.  It's exciting. He must be trying to keep up with his sister... who is a sassy little chatterbox.  Some of her funny things include "Hi! How you?" "I want some" "Micah, come here!" and many, many others.  She's already started bossing him around and she's not even two. It's crazy! She sure acts like she's two... the fits are crazy already! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My 18 month old wild child!

 Look, ma! No hands!
 Practicing her 'duck face'. She's way cuter than the teenage girls who do the same.
Well, need I comment?
Kyleigh has been walking since 11 months and climbing from shortly after.  We've already decided she'll be the first to go to the ER for a broken something.  She, like her brother, doesn't slow down.  She mostly naps in the car since she gets carted around from place to place for brother.  Maybe she just naps since that's the only time she is slowed down.... Who knows!  She's starting to talk a lot!  She has an endless amount of words... New ones all the time!  Her favorite word is probably 'go', which makes sense!  My favorite word of hers is probably her "hello", which comes out "hew-weh-wo" sometimes.  She's a wanderer outside, which makes keeping her and Micah together impossible.  She usually has her hands full of rocks anytime she's outside. 
Oh, what fun is 1 1/2 years old! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life with a 4 year old

(Otherwise known as, didn't get a post up at his birthday, otherwise known as mom guilt at its finest!)

When you have a 4 year old, you learn...  well, a lot of things you never thought you needed to know.
For instance, leaving a roll of TP on the back of the toilet... not the best idea. 

I think if you had to sum him up in one description... the kid never. stops. moving.

 He's remained his quirky little self... His top 5 favorite things, in no particular order, as of this very day... His Snoopy "You can be anything" book, the movie "Cars" (which I so sincerely wanted him to like... what was I thinking?!)  His tag reader, specifically the Cars book and Finding Nemo.  Pushing his sister down is up there on the list too.  Not a malicious push, really, just a pull over/you're not doing what I want you to do... helpful guidance, he'd probably call it.  Lastly, his Thomas the Train set.  Oh, and how could I forget football.  There will be weeping when football is over.  Seriously, weeping.  Here's the closest he's ever going to get as a football player if mom has anything to say about it.  He's so cute.  For quite some time, his football pose had to have crossed feet.... I have no idea why, but it makes me laugh, every time. 
He's also a big fan of being on stage, which is all well and good, until he needs to get off the stage. Oh, man.  He only threw a minor fit at his preschool fall parade. 

Preschool this year has gone better than last year.  I think he just would rather be doing other things sometimes.  He's rather opinionated, really.  He's transitioned really well with the move, and he certainly enjoys the hundred acre woods out his back door.  Can't complain about that. :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kyleigh turns ONE!

Baby girl is ONE already!  How does this happen!?

We celebrated her birthday over the weekend, and she's enjoying her presents.  I apologize for the lack of blog updates, I thought I was updating via mobile, but apparently it wasn't working!

Kyleigh- Age 1
29 1/2", 18 pounds 2 oz.

Likes:  Her pacifier (still), carbohydrates- crackers, cheerios, etc, dancing, pestering Micah, getting up early, showing off her walking skills, playing in water

Dislikes: Not getting fed fast enough, being buckled into her car seat, not being picked up when she wants

She's so much like Micah in some ways... She likes what she likes and will tell you if she doesn't like it.  She's ornery... and unlike her brother, she doesn't mind being in the center of attention.  Much to the pediatricians surprise, she hasn't really hit the stranger anxiety phase, she just likes people too much.  She's mastered her princess wave to all her court (the people shopping at Kroger, lol!) 

We had her one year pictures done by an old friend, Erin.  Kyleigh made Erin work for these smiles, I couldn't believe how serious she was!

 Here are a few favorites!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kyleigh strikes again!

She took her first steps yesterday! :)