Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kyleigh turns ONE!

Baby girl is ONE already!  How does this happen!?

We celebrated her birthday over the weekend, and she's enjoying her presents.  I apologize for the lack of blog updates, I thought I was updating via mobile, but apparently it wasn't working!

Kyleigh- Age 1
29 1/2", 18 pounds 2 oz.

Likes:  Her pacifier (still), carbohydrates- crackers, cheerios, etc, dancing, pestering Micah, getting up early, showing off her walking skills, playing in water

Dislikes: Not getting fed fast enough, being buckled into her car seat, not being picked up when she wants

She's so much like Micah in some ways... She likes what she likes and will tell you if she doesn't like it.  She's ornery... and unlike her brother, she doesn't mind being in the center of attention.  Much to the pediatricians surprise, she hasn't really hit the stranger anxiety phase, she just likes people too much.  She's mastered her princess wave to all her court (the people shopping at Kroger, lol!) 

We had her one year pictures done by an old friend, Erin.  Kyleigh made Erin work for these smiles, I couldn't believe how serious she was!

 Here are a few favorites!

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